Ad-Hoc Panels

Professionals, Specific Targets and Niches


LIVEPANEL Ad-Hoc allows you to build panels switftly, implement your survey and get results within days.





LIVEPANEL Ad-Hoc allows you to carry out surveys to your Specific Target, regardless of the niche or professional field you want to reach.

We specialize in fast recruitment, implementing surveys and delivering the agreed upon incentive to panelists. We guarantee contact and recontact with your Target.

We are LIVEPANEL. We are Market Research Professionals.

Professionals’ Panels

Find out how your client performs on a day-to-day basis. How they make decisions. How your company can add value and increase your business.

We call on Doctors, Lawyers, Veterinarians, Architects, Engineers, Designers and many other professions. It doesn’t matter the scope of study you want to do. LIVEPANEL develops the right panel for your needs.

Specific Targets

LIVEPANEL segments its panelist universe based on their socio-demographic characteristics: Sex – Age – Socioeconomic Level – City of Residence – Nationality – and many more targets.


You set the required sample size. LIVEPANEL guarantees to achieve the amount of effective cases requested.


Get in touch with us and experience surveying your desired target in just days.


Market Niches

LIVEPANEL is the only market research methodology that allows you to survey specific market niches based on your specific interests:

Lifestyle: Sports played, clubs fandom, famous celebrities.

Consumption: Categories or brands used,

Media: Cinema, Subscription to TV Channels or Online content platforms.

Urban tribes. Political or religious interests. And much more!

Learn how each market niche performs. Differentiate your business with LIVEPANEL Niches.

We have offices throughout Latin America and the United States.

Ask us for a demo! We will contact you today!

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