LIVEPANEL Corporate | Employee Voice

Commitment to your team is commitment to your business.


LIVEPANEL Employee Voice allows you to receive constant feedback about what motivates them, learn from their experiences, build on their knowledge and discover what they think of the vision of the company.


In turn, it reduces turnover, lowers costs and strengthens the corporate culture.


Installing LIVEPANEL APP in your team’s cellphone fleet allows you to receive constant and real-time feedback on the employees’ own initiatives, learn from their experiences, combine it with the results of LIVEPANEL Instant Insights.

LIVEPANEL Corporate | Employee Voice increases the commitment of its staff to the objectives of the company, empowers its leaders and revalues its corporate culture.



Adapted to your Company and Projects

LIVEPANEL Employee Voice adapts to each reality. Every company, venture or project is different. The deployment of LIVEPANEL APP is made to measure and the sample can be made up of:

Company as a whole. Revolutionize and rediscover your business culture every day.

Leaders, directors, managers. Learn from the vision and experience of your critical employees.

Specific teams / departments. The voice of a small team can make a big difference.

Available Globally

It doesn’t matter the language, the country nor the time zone. LIVEPANEL Business has a global reach and is available for any country in the world.

The questions are coded in the required language. The responses are then encoded and processed in a unified form.

Different time zones? LIVEPANEL is configured to send each survey on the indicated day and time. Wether its 9AM in Miami, Madrid or Tokyo, each time-zone is considered.


Leadership and 360º Surveys

Whether it’s for senior managers or the entire staff of employees, LIVEPANEL transforms long and extensive 360 studios into simple and efficient work. We achieve the highest rates of employee engagement by distributing questions throughout the year, allowing results to be constantly tracked.

R&D – Internal Testing of Products and Services

The experience accumulated by your employees holds the ideal sample to test new initiatives, products and services, before they are launched on the market, and even when they are still in a theoretical-conceptual stage.

It’s ideal to combine with LIVEPANEL Instant Insights and corroborate the data obtained with LIVEPANEL Employee Voice [R&D].

Annual Training and Surveys

How often is it necessary to reinforce the training received by employees? LIVEPANEL Employee Voice allows you to measure this in a matter of seconds. Optimize your training programs.

Annually report the mood of your employees, their needs, their motivations. Update your career plans. It’s simple, easy, fast. Harness the added value of LIVEPANEL Employee Voice today.

We have offices throughout Latin America and the United States.

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