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Permanent and representative panel of each country's population


Learn the opinion of the population. Measure audiences. Discover how your target behaves.

LIVEPANEL Instant Insights are our stable and representative panels in each country.

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Permanent Sample
Representative of the Population Total

We apply a probabilistic and stratified sample design in specific cities and select panelists door-to-door. We give them permanent incentives to guarantee a high level of commitment, as a reward for their participation in this panel. This method provides us with representative population panels and gets rid of any kind of possible bias. Obtained data are +95% reliable and transpolatables to the universe concerned.

Sample sizes per country
  • US Hispanics | 3000 individuals
  • Brazil | 2000 individuals
  • Mexico | 2000 individuals
  • Central America | 1600 individuals
  • Argentina | 1600 individuals
  • Colombia | 1600 individuals
  • Spain| 1600 individuals
  • Chile | 1200 individuals
  • Peru | 1200 individuals

Other countries will soon be available.

Multiscreen Media Measurement

Discover a Multiscreen Measurement. At every moment of the day, find out if your target is watching Open Television, Pay Television, listening to Radio, Surfing the Internet, Using a Social Network, reading a Newspaper or Magazine, or on Public Roads.

Path to Purchase

Understand the way in which the consumer decides to buy a certain brand, product or service. Where does that journey begin? How do they find out and inquire about each product? How are they influenced by the media on a day-to-day basis? At what point do they make the purchase decision? Where do they do it?

Brand Recall and Publicitary Testing

Receive instant feedback on how your brand is remembered after advertising campaigns or major events. LIVEPANEL Instant Insights also allows immediate Advertising Testing or new packagings by inserting images or videos in surveys.

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