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Do you need to innovate in research and add value to your clients?

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Do you do Market Research? Do you want to guarantee results in real time?

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A LIVEPANEL Badge recognizes and identifies market research companies and researchers who have been approved and certified as experts in digital and real time methodologies on SmartPhones.

In other words, it identifies the biggest innovators in market research.

Research with Professionals

LIVEPANEL Partners are certified in:

Sample Composition

Fixed panels | Probabilistic household samples of the region to ensure results that can be extrapolated to the total target population, according to the definition of the universe.

Ad-hoc panels | Objective targets through social media campaigns. The sample is kept for the necessary time. Results are weighted to obtain representativeness of the defined universe.

Survey Design

Each Market Research Methodology requires an optimized type of questionnaire.

Studies using SmartPhones require agile and quick response questionnaires. They must be optimized for the exact time [day / hour] they will be sent. The insights will be unique! The survey design should come first.

LIVEPANEL Mobile Methodology + Engagement Engine

How exactly does our real-time market research platform work?

The algorithm of our Engagement Engine allows us to guarantee the highest response commitment. The data is then collected and processed by our servers. Understanding this entire process is essential.

Metodología Móvil LIVEPANEL + Engagement Engine

¿Cómo funciona exactamente nuestra plataforma de investigación de mercado en tiempo real?

El algoritmo de nuestro Engagement Engine nos permite garantizar el más alto compromiso de respuesta. Luego los datos son recolectados y procesados por nuestros servidores. Entender todo este proceso es fundamental.

Real Time Investigation

Receiving the answers in Real Time allows you to work on the results and deepen on the different aspects of the study during the development of the field day by day, hour by hour.

The recontact is guaranteed. LIVEPANEL Partners know how to take advantage of this characteristic of the methodology to perfection.

Data-Mining and Interactive Dashboards

Knowing how to read and display the results is a vital and value-added task for every LIVEPANEL Partner.

We use our own back-end, which is 100% customizable according to the needs of each client.

Data-Mining y Dashboards Interactivos

Saber interpretar y mostrar los resultados es una tarea vital y de valor agregado para todo Partner de LIVEPANEL.

Utilizamos nuestro propio back-end, el cual es 100% customizable según la necesidad de cada cliente.