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Market Research in Real Time


Our products guarantee an answer to your questions.

In a fast, representative, timely manner, and at low cost.



Self-developed application for SmartPhones. Available through public app stores.

Also remotely installable and manageable in phone fleets to run investigations between specific employees and customers.

Engagement Engine

Exclusive LIVEPANEL technology to achieve better performance of data collection through cell phones.

Optimize your survey delivery at the best times and days for excellent response rates.

It improves the contactability and quality of the field and provides an excellent user experience to the panelists.

Sample Design

At LIVEPANEL we define two types of samples according to the nature of our panels.

Fixed panels | We carry out probabilistic household samples in the region to ensure results that can be extrapolated to the total target population, according to the definition of the universe.

Ad-hoc panels | We recruit the specific targets through social media campaigns. The sample is kept for as long as you need. Results are weighted to obtain representativeness of the defined universe.

Survey Design

Our team of analysts creates and adapts questionnaires optimizing the benefit of the mobile data collection platform. We understand the needs of our clients. We maximize the benefits of the immediate responses our panel delivers.

Data Collection

The responses obtained through LIVEPANEL APP are processed and stored in our database. We carry out validation and quality control of the information in order to guarantee a high standard of reliability of the reports delivered.

Data Integration

The data obtained through LIVEPANEL can be integrated with existing data in your company, whether internal or from other investigations. Our own technological developments allow us to have great flexibility in data integration.

Analysis and BI delivery

 We deliver reports, analysis and in-house presentations, customized for each of our clients in various formats as needed. Our online BI platform allows you to obtain insights and data ready to make decisions with a simple click.

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